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Now here's where the real fun starts! Click on the subject you'd like to revise, first of all. You'll find that all of the subjects are in alphabetical order, so it shouldn't be too hard to find what you want! Don't forget, if you're taking a GCSE that isn't mentioned here, for example, a different language then go ahead and contact us at the bottom of our homepage and we'll see to your request. Have fun revising!

(Sorry guys and girls, this part of the site is currently being fixed, as we understand the links to the separate subjects aren't working properly, apart from Art & Design. Just thought we'd let you know we're doing the best we can to fix this right now, we really hope we can get all of your revision back for you soon!)

Art & design

Business studies

Design & technology (Graphic products and resistant materials)



English (lit and language)







religious studies (RE/rs)

Science (including bio, chem and physics)


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